“SACO7: Origin and Myth” calls artists to participate on the 2018 call

“SACO7: Origin and Myth” calls artists to participate on the 2018 call
  • 22 Diciembre, 2017

SACO7 seventh week of contemporary art invites artists to participate on the 2018 annoucement for the main exposition named “Origen y Mito” (origin and myth) to be develop on Historic Dock Melbourne Clarck in Antofagasta, Chile. The selected creators, together with all expensives, will take a week of residence on ISLA, Latinoamerican Art Superior Institute with the purpose of develop the mounting of his art, also a schedule. Later the inauguration, will travel to Quillagua, a place knowledge for NASA as the dries place on the planet.

All nationality artists can participate

A jury select seven winners, depending the quality of the proposal, the relevance to the curatorial line and exterior space to be intervene: Historic Dock Melbourne Clark of Antofagasta.


La presente convocatoria está abierta a artistas profesionales y autodidactas, sin límite de edad, formación recibida, experiencia profesional, dedicación laboral y otro factor. El principal criterio que se someterá a evaluación es la calidad de la propuesta, su viabilidad y pertinencia.

The annoucement it’s open to professional and autodidact artist, no age limit, formation, laboral experience, labor dedication  and other factors. The main criterion that will be subject to evaluation is the quality of the proposal, it’s feasibility and relevance.


Curator of the call: Fernanda Fábrega. Send applications or inquiries to: convocatoria@proyectosaco.cl with a copy to convocatoriasaco@gmail.com

Aerial video and planimetry of the space available at www.proyectosaco.cl


SPANISH VERSION: http://www.antofacity.com/saco7-abre-su-convocatoria-para-el-2018/

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